Welcome to CozCraft! We are a survival server with a diverse community. You can join us with the IP, mc.cozcraft.net! We have tons of features, including minigames, towny, rank-ups, in-game currency, crates, and more!

Purchases can take from a few minutes to a few hours to go through. Please be patient, and contact us if your payment or order does not come through at mccozcraft@gmail.com or contact the owner of the server with the discord tag Lando#7696 for help.

Join the Discord Server (Click on text) for rules, server information, chat rooms, staff applications, and more!

Also, you can view the server map Here! this map allows you to see the server on a google maps style map!

You also receive the Donator Rank in the Discord Server and an in-game tag with any purchase! (/tags)

The Minecraft server rules are posted on the Minecraft server. (Click the tutorial NPC to see the rules!)

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